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Livelihood and humanity
Quezon City, PH
25 Nov 2016
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Climate conditions are changing and it worsens over time.

Super typhoons are now common and becoming the new normal making it a serious

threat to every life.Every person is vulnerable to natural disasters most

especially the children. As climate change continue to worsen, we at Share An

Opportunity Philippines see the importance of educating and helping the

communities prepare for these disasters to reduce the risk to our fellowmen.We aim to train on disaster preparedness and distribute Go

Bags to Brgy. Sobol, Asingan. Just last year, this community was

devastated by Typhoon Lando affecting 175 families in Asingan, Pangasinan.Their community really needs your help so they can be ready

when a disaster comes. If you help them be prepared today, you are providing

them not only a Go Bag but a bigger chance of survival for disasters to come.By supporting this endeavor, you are saving lives. You can help by pledging cash as we raise 100,000 for 100 Go

Bags. Or you can send in kind donations of the

following:FlashlightWhistleBagBlanketHygiene kit (shampoo, soap, napkin, etc)First Aid Kit (cotton, band-aid, alcohol, gauze, etc)Radio (Battery-powered)BatteriesFood (canned goods)Bottled waterGarbage bag (For waste disposal and can be used as a

blanket)Bright BandanaOptional (Book and Toys for children) Together, let's help one family at a time to be prepared for