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Light Up Algeciras Elementary School

Cuyo, PH
25 Nov 2016
$59.6 raised of $2.3K

The Andres Soriano Foundation is a non-government

organization, established since 1968. With support from our partners, generous

donors and stakeholders, ASF has initiated projects for Cancer treatment and

research and need-based projects for environment protection and livelihood,

health and education to improve the quality of life of fishing households and

other coastal dwellers. We assist island communities in North Eastern, Palawan,


The small islands in Quiniluban, Agutaya, Palawan  are

off-grid areas and therefore the only source of electricity is Power Generator.

Electricity in schools is a necessity that primarily provides electrical power

for various educational equipments such as computers and overhead projectors.

Having these computers put to life provide students the chance to widen their

perspective on the use of computer technology and mainstream learning


We, The Andres Soriano Foundation, are humbly requesting, on behalf of students

of Algeciras Elementary School, for a fund to purchase One (1) unit 5-KVA Power

Generator Set including wirings and electrical accessories and to construct a

Power House with 2 m. x 2.5m F/A.

We would be glad to answer your queries just contact us in

our contact details.