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Project Baon

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23 Nov 2016
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Dear Friends,

Aral Pinoy has registered here with Pass It Forward (PIF). PIF hosts the Aral

Pinoy Project Baon and allows people to donate online. Aral Pinoy is raising

funds for a cause, a scholarship campaign for 20 Filipino graduating students both

in high school and in college. They will graduate and earn their diplomas maybe by March or April 2018. Today we

need for them Php 80,000 pesos, which is already for one school year schooling

assistance of these 20 deserving students.   

At first level, Aral Pinoy needs to raise 80,000 pesos from at least 80 unique

donors who would be sharing 1,000 pesos each, hopefully this can be raised

within 30 days. At second level, once Aral Pinoy achieves this, it will make it

easier to get more help from new generous donors and eventually help more


One graduating student says: "My big dream is to be a certified

public accountant and this project will fulfill my dream by supporting my

schooling expenses. I will find a job right away after graduation to support my

family." He wants to fly and the other 19 students too, all they need

are us who will give them wings to let their hearts soar as high as they will!

Aral Pinoy started its 1st Year of Project Baon since school year 2011-2012 in

honor of the Dr. Jose P. Rizal during his 150th Birth Anniversary (June 19,

2011) and also during the 113th Anniversary of the Proclamation of the

Philippine Independence (Araw ng Kasarinlan, June 12, 2011). Aral Pinoy through

Project Baon assured the schooling assistance of these ten (10) scholars for

the school year 2011-2012.Aral Pinoy Blogspot on Project Baon

The school year 2016-2017 is already the 6th year of Aral Pinoy Project Baon

and it hopes to increase the schooling assistance from ten (10) to twenty (20)

scholars this time or even more. 

"A report funded by the United Nations Development Programme, out of 100

students who enter Grade 1, only 68 will complete 6th grade, and of that

number, only 57 will go to high school, of which only 42 will


Rappler on College Studies

"Based on the Commission on Higher Education's (CHED) 2008 data, ...of the

42, only 23 finished high school enrolled in college, and of the 23, only 14

eventually graduate from college." Manila Bulletin – Tue, Dec 4,



Education for Poor Students

And despite having 100% free public elementary and secondary education in our

country, many students have no allowance money nor baon for their snack-foods

or meals for their schooling, no needed school supplies, no funds to spend for

their school requirements and no transportation fair. Public education is not

so free after all. These are the concerns that the schooling assistance would address

to support students in their studies and encourage them to go to and stay in


This is why Aral Pinoy Project Baon is born, and its heart soars as high as it


Antonio Levy S. Ingles, Jr., Ph.D.

Educator / Founder ARALPINOY.ORG INC