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School Tours for Human Trafficking Awareness

Orange County, US
30 Jan 2017
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The best antidote to human trafficking incidents is awareness.Every quarter Called to Rescue Philippines conducts a school-tour involving at least 300             students from underprivileged communities. Children are prime targets for traffickers, online    and on campus! Over 100,000 children are trafficked every year for sexual slavery from the      Philippines alone.We will conduct more anti trafficking campaigns preventing more unnecessary incidents with  more resources made available.Each school tour costa an average of PhpP50,000.00 ($US1000.00) covering transportation, food for the team and students, honoraria (or "love gifts") for performers and speakers. Costs are kept to the minimum so we can do more, for less. This is money well spent; not the money         spent on children used for sexual slavery, some as much as 20-30 times a day.Help us by funding a school or 4 schools for a year. Help prevent trafficking and preserve the     lives of the next generation.