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Since 1978, YWAM Ships (Youth With A Mission Ships) has been doing their duty of spreading hope and help to people in different countries who often-to-never experienced seeking professional help for their medical needs.

In Asia, a country called Philippines is mostly known for being gifted with beautiful spots, rich culture, and plenty of natural resources. With all these given, however, Philippines is still considered to have remote areas where medical professionals cannot provide check-ups, medicines, and safe operations to people who are in need of these the most. 

According to the Department of Health, 11 mothers die every day in the Philippines because of illnesses related to pregnancy, sepsis, hypertensive disorders, and severe hemorrhage. Philippines also belongs to 68 countries in the world who contribute to 97% maternal and child deaths.

In most cases, especially in remote areas, big factors for other uncured diseases, such as Tuberculosis, tooth decay, and poor vision are lack of medical education for residents and lack of medical facilities to provide treatments to patients or inability to bring patients to the medical professionals who can help.

This year, YWAM Ships Philippines is set to reach out to people living far from hospitals and medications. M/V Pacific Link, all the way from Papua New Guinea, will start sailing to isolated areas around the country to give programs such as Optometry and Ophthalmology. Dentistry, Maternal and Child health care, sanitation, professional development for rural medical practitioners and distribution of medical supplies to their nearest health centers.

With your help through YWAM Ships Philippines, you can turn unfortunate facts to thousand smiles by being one of many pure-hearted people who are willing to give for the re-furnishing of this medical ship to sail to unseen and unheard areas who need help. We make sure that your donations will automatically help with the re-building of M/V Pacific Link to reach its first target area—Lobo, Batangas. We definitely need you to make this happen because we believe that together, we can bring hope to the isolated!

To learn more about what we do, who we are, and more, you can visit our official website here.

You can also visit us through our official social media accounts to be updated with our latest progress and sailing dates!

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